Mark Bartlett


I am an experienced software engineer with a history of writing application software for professional users. I have also led teams and been responsible for the design and delivery of many projects.

I have experience of the following technologies C++ 14 years, C# 3 years, ASP.NET MVC 3 years, HTML/CSS/JavaScript 9 years, Objective C 4 years, Cocoa 4 years, Ruby 2 years.

Work History

Crosfield Electronics Ltd. March 1996 - March 1997
Fujifilm Electronic Imaging Ltd. March 1997 - Nov 2006
FFEI Ltd. Nov 2006 - May 2012

The above companies were the same organisation that changed ownership during my time of employment. I started at Crosfield Electronics as a Graduate Engineer and progressed to a Principle Engineer.

I worked as a Software Engineer on a variety of projects, creating application software for users in the print industry. For the last 7 years I also acting as a Team Leader organising teams of various sizes, writing specifications, and scheduling projects.

Amongst the projects I worked on was ColourKit, a desktop application for the control of commercial image scanners. I wrote device drivers, application GUIs and image processing code.

This led the development of a set of applications, ColourKit Profiler Suite. This provided printer and monitor colour calibration using ICC profile and included interfacing to measurement devices, and also provided image editing and processing applications. I was responsible for the development and delivery of multiple releases of this project.

I also worked on a workflow product for print companies, Fujifilm XMF. I was the team lead responsible for the design and implementation of the application GUI from the initial development, through multiple releases over a number of years. This involved working with a number of groups around the world dealing with both product development and customer support.

During this time I developed software for both the Mac OS X and Windows platforms. The majority of software was written as cross platform.

The last project I worked on at FFEI was to design and build RealPro ColourCloud, also see link. This is a web based system for generating printer calibration data. The system allowed the user to generate ICC profiles from uploaded calibration data. The user could then process test images and view interactive 2D and 3D plots of the data before downloading the profile.

June 2012 - February 2015

In May 2012 I left FFEI as I had been with the same organisation for a long time and wanted to do something new. I then worked on a number of projects.

I created and maintain an e-commerce web site for a second-hand books company — Encore Books. I have also created a number of other web apps - here and here.

In addition I developed desktop applications and command line tools for OS X, Windows and Linux. Details of these can be found on my website and on my page on

TomTom Software - March 2015 - Present

I am currently working as an Expert Software Engineer at TomTom Sport. I am responsible for the development of the desktop software that connects the GPS Fitness Watch to TomTom’s MySports online services.


Keele University
MSc - Digital Music Technology
Southampton University
BEng - Electronic Engineering 2:2

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