Installing Jekyll using RVM

Installing Jekyll using RVM

Notes from installing Jekyll on Ubuntu 12.04

\curl -sSL | bash -s stable  
rvm requirements
rvm install 2.1.0
rvm use 2.1.0
rvm gemset create jekyll
rvm use 2.1.0@jekyll
rvm --ruby-version use 2.1.0@jekyll
gem install jekyll
gem install jekyll-s3

If rvm requirements fails because the account does not have the necessary persmission to automatically install the dependencies then

rvm autolibs read-fail
rvm requirements

This should list any missing dependencies, you can then install them using an account with the correct permissions and continue the process.

scss support

gem install jekyll-compass

.scss files go in the _sass folder and are copied to the _site/css folder


gem install jekyll-s3

Contents of _jekyll_s3.yml file

s3_id: ********
s3_secret: ************
s3_endpoint: EU
gzip: true